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New Dentist Trends 2020

9 February

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A smile can capture attention and add a charming appeal to your personality that is hard to miss. Naturally, most people make considerable efforts to keep their pearly whites in optimum condition and work hard on maintaining their oral health.

The technological advancements in orthodontics have allowed people with dental problems to overcome troubling issues and gain a beautiful smile which fills them with confidence.

The ever-evolving industry has been setting new milestones in cosmetic dentistry with each passing year. It is common to witness people, both young and old, visiting experienced dentists in Hope Island to benefit from these procedures.

If you too are interested in these transforming treatments, then here is a list of the latest cosmetic dentistry trends you must look out for in 2020.


1. Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth are a common problem which can make you look less than appealing. They can be a result of high caffeine intake, smoking, poor oral care, genetics or others.

However, cosmetic dentistry has come up with various solutions for teeth whitening that brighten teeth without the use of any prosthetic attachment. These treatments include gels and strips, toothpaste, and rinses which are made up of peroxide and can be used at home without the supervision of a dentist.

However, for better and long-lasting results, dentists recommend whitening agents which are filled in dental trays and fitted on the teeth followed by the application of light or laser. It is a trending treatment because of its high demand and is sought-after by people of all age groups.

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2. Clear Aligners

Almost everyone disapproves of braces as the metal wires over the teeth appear unsightly and create trouble while brushing and flossing. They can make you uncomfortable about your smile and reduce your confidence.

However, with the revolutionary clear aligners, the need for braces has reduced considerably. The custom-made removable aligners help in shifting crooked and uneven teeth into their rightful position gradually.

Made up of plastic, they can be easily cleaned and are quite comfortable to wear. They can be removed to brush and floss the teeth and then inserted back into the mouth to continue their use. The treatment lasts up to 15 months and is not painful.


3. Porcelain Veneers

Veneers have been around for a while, but earlier they required a lot of abrasion of the natural tooth to fit them securely. However, cutting-edge technology in cosmetic dentistry has changed the traditional techniques.

The tailored and tooth-coloured porcelain veneers are used to cover chipped, broken or crooked teeth and are cemented permanently on the natural teeth.

The porcelain veneers are better suited to adjust with the gums, and the procedure has become least intrusive. These are also popular among people who are looking for teeth whitening.


4. Dental Implants

Missing teeth can damage your smile and change the shape of your face making you look older. Traditionally, implants were considered to be an alternative for older people, but now they are increasingly used by the younger generation to get a perfect smile.

The artificial tooth comes with a metal root, which is inserted into the jaw bone. After the jaw is healed, the tooth is attached to it, and it appears like other natural teeth after the procedure.

It is an invasive technique and takes six months or longer. Dental prosthetics have become quite popular because people who have lost their teeth in an accident or have damaged teeth can now utilise this treatment to bring back their lost smile.


5. Happy Gas Sedation

Most people are terrified of visiting a dentist because of the pain and the anxiety associated with the treatments. To take this fear out of the minds of people suffering from tooth ailments, cosmetic dentistry has now introduced the happy gas sedation method which utilises nitrous oxide and oxygen to help in relaxation.

It helps the patients to become comfortable while they are seated in front of the dentist. The best part about this sedation is that they are still in their senses and can follow the instructions.

It is safe and its impact wears off in a short while. It is apt for kids who shudder at the sight of a clinic and can make the next trip to the dental clinic without a fuss. Also, it is the best way to deal with needle-phobia.


6. CAD Technology

The computer-aided technology has helped in creating 3D designs of teeth that help in creating customised designs for patients for prosthetic treatments like veneers, bridges and artificial teeth.

The advanced procedure supports in creating perfectly fitted attachments with the help of computers and get the real device ready in the least possible time. It also helps in full mouth reconstruction, which requires dental surgery.

The 3D designing create guides for dentists to reproduce the exact shape of the patient’s teeth while creating prosthodontics in labs.

The range of cosmetic dental procedures has been increasing and making treatments more comfortable and superior. If you too wish to undergo these procedures, then contact an experienced dentist in Hope Island for consultation and treatment.



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