We have been completely satisfied with your calm and reassuring approach to our dental concerns. You represent the absolute finest of modern dentistry in both knowledge and technique.

Dr. Behzadi has been our family’s dentist for many years and our experience with her has always been a pleasant one. She is very professional and her work is impeccable. From adults to kids she is sure to provide an excellent care.
The Gordon Family

Over the years to becoming a senior citizen, I have had many dentists work on me. Dr. Niloofar Behzadi stands far above all the rest. She is meticulous in her dental work and takes great care of her patients. She has concerned herself with the maintenance, and yes, even improvement of my teeth and oral health. My teeth look much better and my bite functions better because of her work. I so much appreciate her caring and concern for me as her patient. She takes the time to thoroughly explain what is happening and makes sure that I am comfortable during the time I am in her dentist’s chair. Everyone should be so lucky as to have Dr. Behzadi for their dentist.
E.D., Los Angeles

Those horrible memories of going to the Dentist as a child really stuck with both my Husband and I into Adulthood, consequently we had neglected our oral health for many years.
When we first visited with Dr Behzadi, she was so kind, she listened to our fears and we were put us at ease right away. We are very pleased to have met her, she's been our Dentist for 10 years and we highly recommend her.
Yours Truly
Caroline & Jo

I am a dental chicken. From childhood. In the last 5-6 six years Dr. behzadi has been my dentist. She had her work cut out for her. In the first 2 years. It took me nearly that long to relax. All the while Dr. Behzadi remained present to me in the room, patient, informative, caring and professional. In my third year with Dr. Behzadi I began to look forward to my visits and she let me know that she had noticed a change in me while I sat in the chair. That I was not disassociating, sobbing(a hard core dental chicken!) my visits with her and the staff began to feel like meeting with friends for a couple of hours. Friends with dental equipment and their hands in my mouth! We talked about cook books, we talked about womens issues. I had indeed learned to relax. I had become courageous in the dentists chair. working with Dr. Behzadi changed my dental experience entirely. I trust Dr. Behzadi and am terribly sorry to hear she is leaving. But whoever becomes her new patients will quickly learn what a compassionate, patient, excellent doctor she is.
Patient of 5 yrs

I can't believe I FINALLY found an incredible dentist whom I actually look forward to visiting!!! - someone who not only is a dentist, but an artist and a real people-person as well - a very not-very-common combination!!!!”

Dear Dr. Behzadi,

I was sad to learn that you are leaving the dental practice in Los Angeles. I have been a patient in this practice for over 25 years and you have been my best and most relaxing dentist ever. Your calm, kind personality and your excellence as a dentist are truly remarkable.

I wish you the very best in the future. I know that your new patients will appreciate you you as much as I have.

Warm regards,

Rina Freedman, Psy.D. LCSW.